Welcome to Billy Goat Soapworks!

Taking you through your day tingling your olfactory senses:

From your morning routine, through your workday, and back home to relax, we're here to help make your world smell wonderful.

All of our products are made in small batches, using the finest, locally sourced plant-based ingredients.

It beHOOVES you to try our products!

Billy Goat Soapworks Benefits

Why choose us over your local big-box brand or other local vendors??

There are a multitude of reasons, but here are just a few:

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients

    All of our ingredients are locally sourced: from our oils and butters (Chicago, IL), to fragrance oils (Eau Claire, WI) and goat's milk (Fort Wayne, IN) meaning we're helping support the local economy!

  • Earth Friendly

    We take pride in being kind to the earth! We strive to minimize plastic use. We're currently looking for a cost effecftive way to cut plastic out of our product line without drastically increasing our prices. Why is it so expensive to do the right thing?! Help or suggestions on this front is gladly welcomed!

  • Skin Friendly

    Our products contain the highest quality, skin-loving ingredients. You'll never find endocrine-blocking phtalates or parabens or man-made detergents or surfectants, which are harsh and dry out the skin; Only plant-based, non-GMO oils and butters!

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