About Us

Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Matt and I'm the founder and owner of Billy Goat Soapworks!

I started making soap all the way back in 2020. You know; when the world was shut down and everyone was picking up random hobbies.

Christmas was nearing and I was low on funds. "How am I going to afford to buy any gifts for friends and family?", I questioned my loving girlfriend (now fiancee), Katie. She suggested that we try crafting small gifts and I thought it was a great, affordable option! Initially she suggested candles. I immediately began researching candle making and places to source materials.  I learned pretty quickly that the same companies that sold candle making supplies also sold soap making supplies!

I bought the candle supplies along with some Melt and Pour soap base.  This method of soap making is much simpler than our current product: you simply cut up the base, melt it, add colors and fragrance, pour it into a mold, and let it sit for a couple hours to solidify. This was fun and a great place to start!

I began researching soap making more deeply and came across Cold Process Soap-making. This method was quite a bit more involved; included a lot of math, chemistry, and dangerous chemicals (sodium hydroxide, aka lye). I was sold. Being the analytical person I am, I became obsessed with learning all about the science behind cold process soap, or sapponification (ask Katie, I was obsessed with the word for quite a while).  After reading a number of books and watching countless hours of YouTube, I attempted my first loaf (or approximately 8 bars) of cold process soap. It was a DISASTER! I failed in almost every way imaginable. BUT, I learned a whole bunch!

To be continued.....