Goat's Milk Soap Samples

Goat's Milk Soap Samples

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Each loaf of soap we produce generates two smaller slices. They're not always equal in size. Smaller batches, hand-cut. You know the drill..

Regardless, our soap ends are for sale at a discount. .. Always.

They won't be pretty. Lol. But it's still damn good soap. I bring slices like this when I travel or go to festivals.  

Also just a great opportunity to try BGSW at a discount. 😉

Just choose how much you want in weight..


Because of the hand-made/hand-cut nature of this product, no two items are ever exactly the same. Design and weight may vary slightly from bar to bar. Each bar of soap is always AT LEAST 4 oz.

Each bar is 2in*2in*2.5in

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