Soap Tray

Soap Tray

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A Great Way to Prolong the Life of Your Soap!!

It's important to let your soap dry completely between each use in order to prolong its life.  These wooden trays are perfect for just that!  They keep your soap raised out of any potential pooling water and allow for faster drying between uses! The raised, thin, ridges help minimize your soap sticking to the tray.  The arch on the bottom helps the wood from absorbing too much water!  These are a great, affordable way to help your soap last longer!

These wooden soap trays are made from poplar, a highly sustainable tree grown in abundance here in the US. 


Because of the hand-made/hand-cut nature of this product, no two items are ever exactly the same. Design and weight may vary slightly from bar to bar. Each bar of soap is always AT LEAST 4 oz.

Each bar is 2in*2in*2.5in

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